Why We Chose Florida for Dental School Instead of Utah

Why We Chose Florida for Dental School Instead of Utah

Hey! It’s been¬†almost two months since I’ve written anything on here. I thought now would be a good time for a little life update.

First: Things are good. We’re alive. We’re happy. blah blah blah… ūüėČ

Second: I got accepted to two great dental schools; LECOM in Bradenton, Florida and the University of Utah in Salt Lake.

And here’s the crazy thing… We chose Florida! Wha?? Seriously, nobody could be¬†more surprised than Summer and I were when we realized that it was the right choice. I mean, for two¬†years the University of Utah was the goal. The top choice. It was relatively close to family, and we would get in-state tuition. It was a new school with small class sizes.

Logically, it made sense.


When I was in the application process last summer, I applied to fourteen¬†schools. LECOM was actually at the bottom of my list simply because I didn’t know anything about it. I applied there¬†because I thought it looked cool, and I wanted to spread my net as wide as possible.

Well, it turns out the LECOM is an amazing dental school with an innovative curriculum that allows students to learn the same amount of science material without all of the traditional busy work — which leaves more time to spend with Summer and our little guy. It also has top-notch¬†pre-clinical and clinical programs.

Summer and I had lots of really good, long talks about both schools. The more we talked about it, the more we felt that Florida was where we were supposed to go. After praying about it, we felt even more sure.

So, whoa. Crazy.¬†Life takes some totally unexpected¬†turns sometimes — some good, some bad. We’re confident that this is a good one, and we’re excited to move in July.

Here are some pictures of Bradenton:





bradenton city hall


siesta key beach

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