What Are the Odds?

What Are the Odds?

I was stumped today — as I often am while taking tests in BYU’s testing center. The problem I was looking at didn’t seem as attractive as daydreaming at the moment, so I decided to lift my head up and stare out the window.

In the distance, beyond the swaying leafy trees, I saw the half-moon as it hung in orbit opposite the setting sun. I saw myself surrounded by a bunch of sentient beings looking a lot less stumped than myself as they hunched over their exams. Then, I thought: What are the odds?

What are the odds of me being on a planet that is perfectly conditioned and positioned to sustain life? What are the odds of such a planet even existing in the first place? What are the odds of me or anyone else being able to think and experience a small corner of the universe?

deep space

What would it be like if nothing ever came into existence in the first place? No galaxies, stars, planets… not even time, since that is a measurable dimension. No one would ever exist to know or care that nothing exists.

But stuff does exist. You and I live on an amazing planet. You and I can think deeply and drink in the experience of life.

That’s pretty cool.

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