Feeling the Burn

Feeling the Burn

Burn-out that is. Being a senior in college is tough. As a freshman, I thought being a senior would be hard because of the difficult classes. I guess that’s kind of true, but he hardest part for me is actually the feeling of burnout. Years of library and lecture add up, somehow. I’m not quite sure where in the mind or soul this weight accrues, but it does. (Shout out to all you burned out peeps out there)

I wrote a Haiku to illustrate the struggle:

Broken eyes and back,

the old student failsĀ again.

youtube, facebook, blog

Too many times. Lame.

So, I wrote another Haiku to help during the hard times:

Hey, get back to work.

You’ll make lots of money, dude.

Krispy Kreme ain’t cheap!

#Motivation lol

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