I’m Daniel.


I’m a pretty easy-going guy. And this is a pretty easy-going blog.

But easy-going can be refreshing, right?

Welcome to my brain, blogged.

I LOVE THE HUMAN BRAIN. My educational background is in neuroscience, which is why the blog is named what it is. (Also, if in the future we can upload our brains to databases and essentially live immortally online, I’ve already got my domain name. 😉 )

My Background

I grew up in a small town in the woods. When I was young, playing outside, Elkbuilding forts and daydreaming came with the territory. If I could get paid to just wander in the woods and think about stuff, that’s what I would do. GoFundMe, anyone?


Some things I really love to do are: spend time with my wife and son, eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, read, write, research new topics, play various instruments (acoustic guitar, electric bass, ukulele and didgeridoo… not sure if the last one counts, but I’m counting it) and, most recently, leather-working — which is surprisingly relaxing and fun.

Oh, and road-trips:

broken down carThe Fam

My beautiful, hilarious, smart, talented, and all-around-awesome best friend has been my wife since November 2012. Our little boy came in November 2013. He is an overachiever at being fun, “active”, and smart. We’re definitely in over our heads, but we’re lovin’ every minute… most minutes. 😉

A Cool Life Experience

Before becoming a family man, I had a life-changing experience. I volunteered in the Dominican Republic for the LDS Church for two years. The “D.R.” is on the same island as Haiti in the Caribbean. On top of having the opportunity to teach the gospel and help people turn their lives around, I also had the privilege of learning an entirely new language (Spanish) and culture.

The D.R. is the oldest region in the western hemisphere (in terms of European contact) and has a rich cultural heritage. Some of the buildings there are as old as Christopher Columbus himself!Santo-Domingo

During those two years, my living conditions were those of a “middle-class” Dominican, which still included daily power outages and no running water most of the time. Even still, I was better off than most Dominicans (and definitely better off than the Haitian earthquake refugees). But if I learned one thing from Dominicans during those two years, it is that money and comfort do not bring happiness and inner satisfaction. Those come from deeper sources like maintaining good relationships with family and friends, faith in God, loving and serving others, etc.


Professionally, I’m pursuing a career in dentistry. (I’ll start dental school in August 2016). Why do I want to be a dentist? Lots of reasons. Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. The pay is good, and the hmolar bearours are good. I can still be a family man. The potential to be my own boss is there, which allows much more autonomy than most are privileged to have these days. It’s a stable profession that will always be needed.

Okay, but what are the cool reasons to be a dentist? Basically, you get to wear lots of hats! You get to be a primary health care provider, a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, a radiologist. You get to be a sculptor, a craftsman, a counselor and a friend. You get to relieve chronic pain and restore health and confidence. To lots of people, a career in dentistry isn’t appealing at all. But, to me, it’s one of the coolest professions out there.


I guess that’s good for now. Enjoy the blog! (And check back often, cuz you never know when THINGS WILL START GETTIN’ CRAZY ROUND HERE!!) 😉